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How to Order Our Bikini Tops online without trying them on

summer vaughn tutor 1 – SmallWe understand your fear of ordering a Bikini Top on line. Are you afraid it will not fit right? We get it. So.. to make it work, we made this helpful video. We know which of OUR TOP fits each type of bust, the best. This video was made to help you select the right top, so it will fit and so you will be happy with your purchase. To order, it does not matter the size of your chest or shoulders, just need to know your cup size, and if you need support or not. And, of course what style you like. I think we can all agree that Comfort is a plus. We all want to look good, but what if you could look incredible and still be comfy? I know I hated the ties cutting into my neck, espectially, after I got sunburned…ouch! All of our Tops are designed with comfort, style & fit in mind. No matter what body type you are, there is a Top to flatter what you have. Hope you take the time to watch this video. We truly want you to love what you order. All of our Swimwear is Custom made here in the US, with only real women in mind. If you need additional help after watching our video, feel free to reach out for additional personal help. Have a beautiful day at the beach. Jeanine Vaughan

Hey everyone!!

Thank you for your patience & understanding as we update/re-invent our website and etsy!!

We look forward to supplying you with the cutest, greatest, and most comfortable swimwear for all shapes & sizes!


Summer Vaughn